Right Solutions

Right for Taxpayers

Government and Fiscal Accountability

Complacency results in overspending and a failure to oversee state government operations. Too often, budgets are based on previous years’ expenditures with little or no justification. Over time, the annual budget exercise can become one of self-preservation with the rationalization that government creates jobs.

As in business, all government expenditures must be evaluated for need, efficiency, and accountability. State government should base its fiscal role as an investor for the current and future public good, not one as an administrator of entitlement.

We have the right to a fiscally responsible and accountable state government.

Right for the Economy

Promote Investment and Jobs

Governmental interference in a free market economy is one that hinders business and costs jobs. A loss of jobs means a loss of revenue for the state and a reduced quality of life for citizens. High health insurance premiums, unjust unemployment claims, and the failure to “fix” the second injury fund are just a few issues that stifle business in our state. Small business drives our national economy and is negatively impacted by state government practices that create an unfriendly business environment.

Our state should take pride in the “American Dream,” entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, and value business as the state’s partner in improving the quality of life for all, not just as a revenue-generator for the state budget.

We have the right to a state government that promotes investment, business and jobs for now and the future.

Right for Healthcare

Market Solutions and Affordability

All of us have been challenged by increased health insurance premiums, increased healthcare costs, and/or reduced coverage of health plans. Businesses can no longer afford the premiums without passing part of the cost to employees, many families cannot afford to pay for coverage or care, and much of the preventative care has been cut from the plans. Physicians are now being instructed by insurance companies what will be paid, making it extremely difficult for physicians to order treatments or tests that patients need.

Association-type health plans for small businesses could help ease the financial burden borne by employers and employees. Health plans that routinely cover preventative care is a common sense, proactive strategy to promote wellness, prevent disease and save money for both patients and businesses.

Both businesses and families have a right to access good, affordable health coverage.

Right for Education

Choice, Access and Accountability

Education prepares us for life and for work. Education is an investment and should be approached as such by government. Even as an investment, education must be accessible and accountable. K12 education is charged with graduating students ready for the workforce or post-secondary education. Currently, approximately 30% of the state’s high school graduates need remediation in math and/or reading. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to implement measures to reduce or eliminate the need for this remediation.

Most of today’s jobs and the jobs of the future require some post-secondary education. Many of our students, including adult learners, are unable to relocate to attend school. More online learning brings the classroom to geographically-bound students, many of whom are employed and caring for families. Universities and community colleges have recently completed an inventory of the numbers of graduates per program, ensuring that the state’s investment in higher education results in workers needed for current and future jobs. Additionally, performance measures are being developed that will tie to a percentage of future state funding. Increasing the number of graduates in critically-needed fields and increasing efficiency in operations are examples of performance that will be rewarded. Making more college coursework transferrable among all public higher education institutions will save money and time for students, as well as providing the job market with more prepared workers.

Many local and regional barriers can be eliminated and needs addressed by encouraging the creation of education-business partnerships, particularly ones that speak to the P20 (preschool through adult learning) pipeline.

We have a right to an education that prepares us for life and for work.

Right for Values

Protect Life and Liberty

Initially introduced by James Madison to the 1st United States Congress and approved in 1791, the US Bill of Rights limits the government regarding essential rights and personal liberties. Although frequently challenged, these ten amendments of our US Constitution have stood the test of time.

Our responsibility and that of our state is to remember the purpose, defend and uphold these amendments that guarantee our rights pertaining to religion, speech, press, peaceable assembly, bearing arms, due process, trial by jury, and eminent domain to name a few.

Upon taking an oath of office in Missouri, appointees and officials “solemnly swear to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Missouri…”